We offer individual high quality power generators sets for prime or standby power with Deutz AG diesel engines and other components of renown global manufacturers.

Deutz AG is one of the largest manufacturers of diesel engines in the world, with history of over 150 years.

Deutz manufactures engines with reliability and efficiency of legendary worldwide reputation.

All Deutz engines have been developed for heavy duty opertation conditions.

Using many years of in house research, Deutz has managed to develop engines combining and balancing the highest efficiency and environmental protection standards.

Deutz Engines successfully operate in the most adverse conditions with maximum loads without reducing the service life time.

As a result reduces the users operating costs.

Power’s Systems DEUTZ Engines consume minimum fuel.

All Deutz engines meet Tier II Eko standards, and as per your request, could meet the highest environmental protection standards.

Our generators , with the DEUTZ Engines, is one of the most economical cost ratio for the production of 1 kWh of electricity.

Twenty years long experience in servicing Deutz engines, vast stock of spare parts for all generator components and fast reaction of our service network provide additional comfort to our clients.

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